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CD | Notes has over 100 chief-complaint driven templates for Emergency Physician documentation.  The templates increase provider efficiency, productivity and quality of documentation.  Prompts ensure appropriate documentation.  Easy layout for coding efficiency.

How Does This work?

importing the templates into Epic

Open your SmartPhrase editor and choose “My Smart Phrases”.


Click “New”


Paste each CD|Notes template into the content section of the SmartPhrase and name it. It is recommended to start the name of the SmartPhrase with your initials.

Example: “CDCHESTPAIN",” click “Accept”

aimporting template.png

creating a note in epic

Double click on the patient name on the tracker.

Open a “Blank Note” to insert the appropriate template.

Click the dropdown arrow next to the “My Note” tab and selecting “Blank Note”

Open a blank note.

Open a blank note.

Within the Blank Note, type the name of the template that you want to use, preceded by “.” ie: “.cdchestpain”

The template will open.


The note cannot be saved when there are {bracketed} sections to complete. The note CAN however be saved/shared to complete later.

Programming the handheld microphone to tab through notes to complete