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CD | Notes has over 100 chief-complaint driven templates for Emergency Physician documentation.  The templates increase provider efficiency, productivity and quality of documentation.  Prompts ensure appropriate documentation.  Easy layout for coding efficiency.


How do CD Notes templates work?

Insert the templates into Epic as smart phrases. Insert the template into a blank note for completion.  

Is it difficult to upload the templates? Do I need IT support?

It takes less than a minute to import the CD Notes templates into your voice recognition software.  You do not need IT support. You can literally be up and running with all of the CD Notes templates in just a few minutes!

I don't have voice recognition software, can I still use the CD Notes templates?

The CD Notes templates are optimized to be completed using Voice Recognition Software (ie: Dragon Dictation, Fluency Direct). You can tab and type to complete if you do not have Voice Recognition availability.

Can I document at the patient's bedside?

Yes, you can complete the templates by either tabbing and dictating or tabbing and typing. When documenting at the bedside, most clinicians choose to tab and type.

Can I modify the templates?


Does Using CD Notes really save time?

Yes!  Using CD Notes templates with voice recognition, you will save:

  • 2.5 minutes per chart

  • 160 hours per year

  • That's 4 weeks' worth of time saved per year!

Complete all of your charts by day's end so that you don’t accumulate charts or need to document during your time off!

Does Using CD Notes really save money?

Physicians now spend more time documenting than providing direct patient care.

For this reason, documentation support services are often needed, such as Scribes or Transcriptionist services.

CD Notes is a very cost-effective solution to the challenges of documentation.

  • Scribes cost $10 per patient to document

  • Transcriptionists charge $5 per patient to document

  • CD Notes templates cost just $0.10 per patient to document

Aren't Scribes a lot better and faster?

Not necessarily.  With the CD Notes templates' pre-populated "normals" and the ability to document 100% of the note with voice recognition, documentation is fast and efficient.  When you complete a note yourself, you do not need to review and edit it.  It can take more time to open and edit a note drafted by a Scribe than it would to complete the note yourself using voice recognition and the CD Notes templates.  

 Do CD Notes templates only work in Epic?

CD Notes templates are optimized for use within Epic. They can work with other EMR’s.

If you are currently using Dragon Dictation and have the ability to document a note in a "blank note" section or field in your electronic medical record, you most likely can insert a CD Notes template into that field. Contact us directly and we can set up a time to discuss.Have a question not answered here? Ask us and we will get back to you within 24 hours!