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CD | Notes has over 100 chief-complaint driven templates for Emergency Physician documentation.  The templates increase provider efficiency, productivity and quality of documentation.  Prompts ensure appropriate documentation.  Easy layout for coding efficiency.

Family Practice/Internal Medicine Templates

family practice/internal medicine templates


  • Increase provider efficiency, productivity and quality of documentation

  • Pre-populated normal findings vastly increase documentation efficiency

  • Over 100 chief-complaint driven sick visit templates

  • Save time by dictating 100% of your note using voice recognition

  • Easy to upload into Dragon user profile without IT support 

"CD|Notes cut my charting time in half!  With most EMR's the worst part of the day is the time spent writing the notes.  CD|Notes helps me write a comprehensive chart that is easily read by my peers.  I always feel comfortable that my note reflects the patient's visit."

Dr. O'Neill, New York; Epic EMR, Dragon Dictation

Sample Note below: Entire Note completed in less than 3 minutes!

  • Allows physicians to spend more time with their patients and less time documenting
  • Ensures that charting can be completed in real time and avoids the need to take work home