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CD | Notes has over 100 chief-complaint driven templates for Emergency Physician documentation.  The templates increase provider efficiency, productivity and quality of documentation.  Prompts ensure appropriate documentation.  Easy layout for coding efficiency.

About Us

CD | Notes templates were created by a Physician for Physicians and Medical Providers.




As a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician and Director of an Emergency Department, Dr. Davison created CD Notes to address the challenges faced when transitioning from a paper documentation system to an Electronic Medical Record.

With the adoption of the EMR, there was an immediate decrease in provider productivity, efficiency and satisfaction with documentation.  Rates of incomplete charts sky-rocketed, creating a potential medico-legal risk, and delaying coding and billing.

With CD Notes' chief-complaint driven templates, notes can be completed rapidly and thoroughly, using 100% voice recognition.  The time saved in documenting allows physicians to complete their charts during their shift so that they don't need to stay late or worry about completing charts during their time off.  The templates are formatted in a way that physicians simply tab through the note and complete it.  The templates contain risk mitigation and quality prompts and the appropriate number of elements for coding the Professional Level of Service.

Dr. Chris Davison grew up in Massachusetts.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Boston College and received his medical degree from Albany Medical College.  Dr. Davison completed an Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Pittsburgh. 

He is board certified in Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow of The American College of Emergency Physicians.  When not working, Dr. Davison enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.